Saturday, January 11, 2014


Today still counts as January 10,2014 since I haven't gone to bed yet :).  "Afterglow" is my homage to the Christmas lights that longer long after the holiday.  I personally love leaving the lights and tree up as long as possible.  One year we kept the tree up and changed out the ornaments as the holidays changed(hearts, Valentines day ; clovers, St Patty's day ; eggs, Easter).  But alas , my sweetie likes the tree up the day after Thanksgiving and down New Years Day.  This year I feel bittersweet about the decorations.   2013 was a really hard year.   Both my sweetie and myself find ourselves in pain.   So the decorations stay up as I can't help him take them down.   But I like them up.  And he knows maybe he hasn't taken them down because his enjoyment of them is stronger than his compulsion for order .....not such a bad thing :). 

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