Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 5, 2014 "Monkey Business"

Thank you for your patience dear reader.  Today was another long day.  My wonderful pup, Roxie, was ill again last night and through this morning.  She was sick a couple of weeks ago, recovered and then relapsed.  We rushed off to the vet this morning and discovered(long story short) that Roxie has pancreatitis.  As of right now, it is going to be managed with a low fat diet.  Should this happen again, we may want to look deeper into it but at this and observe.

While waiting for Roxie's blood work to come back I took today's whimsical photo.  (Since I'm still getting used to my computer, it took a bit to get it ready..ok honestly, I thought I saved it but can't find   On with the show,  I hope you enjoy "Monkey Business" :)

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  1. Hope Roxie gets feeling better soon so she can join in with that monkey business!