Sunday, January 26, 2014

"New Dawn"

This morning I was up early as my sweetie got ready to go to see an outdoor Rangers game at Yankee Stadium.  I've been filled with bittersweet mixed emotions.   Greg started taking me to hockey games when we started dating. 

  I had only been to one game in my life and that was a high school trip to see the Islanders.  I screamed for blood and truth be told, I scared myself with my reaction and never went to nor watched another game.

Till Greg!  I found that even though I still had a bit of bloodthirst in me, I realized as an adult, I can handle the emotion.  He was able to procure tickets to several Rangers games and I loved going.   I also have a great sweet friend who gets even more bloodthirsty than myself and it's even more shocking because she's such a gentle person.  Poor woman is a Devils fan though!  But I get it 100%(the bloodthirst not the Devils) !  

At this point though, Fibromyalgia has taken that away from me too.  At least the live games, unless we get seats that come with a couch for me to lie down on.      Irony or ironies, my friend can't go either due to her own health issues.   Heartbreakingly, her issues are life threatening  as mine are just life altering.   

So yeah, though I was extremely excited and happy that Greg got to go today, I was also very sad and reminiscing to our early years.   

This all ties into today's photograph because as I was watching Greg get ready there was a beautiful bright sunny winters day(ironically again, delay of start of game due to sun glare).  So please enjoy today's photograph as I keep things in perspective while enjoying the beauty that surrounds me!   

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