Sunday, January 19, 2014


I'm the type of person who through the years has struggled with my self image just like everyone else. 

  In high school, I was plagued by the idea of gaining weight and became anorexic.  I would go to the school nurse twice a day and get on the scale.  If I weighed more than a ridiculously low amount, I would not eat or eat as small amount of food as possible.  Granted, it was never about food.  It was about control.  I could control what I did or did not eat and/or how much I weighed.  

My ex knew exactly what things I disliked about myself and purposely would not only point them out but exaggerate who bad they were.  

It took leaving him and becoming a cocktail waitress in Atlantic City for me to learn to appreciate myself. 

Truthfully though, there is always something that you can find that you don't like about yourself. The hardest thing to do is to ignore that inner bitch who will pick you apart and learn to reinforce the kind voice that speaks lovingly to us.  Make a point of accepting that no one is perfect but there are things about ourselves that we do LOVE! Dwell upon your positives! Be your own cheerleader!  

Today's photo is of something I noticed about myself that I have learned to truly love....My curls.  

Enjoy "Encircled" 

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  1. I like those curls too and all the rest of your perfectly loveable parts, especially that heart of yours.
    Love you sweetheart.