Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A Poem By Catherine Spencer

The path begins with the dawning of the light
Slight noises that awaken me to my love's call
I struggle from the remnants of the dream 
to awaken to the reality that is my love
The past is left behind me and has turned to ashes within it's own 
reality of fire
The future is bright with the dawning of the light and the 
slight noises that awaken me to the heavenly voice of my love's 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A New Outlook...Maybe

I was very skeptical when I saw on my support group that a gluten free diet can help my disease.  Well skeptical may not be the right word....because I don't doubt that it has helped people, I just doubt that I can do it.  I have a friend who has recently discovered that she is gluten intolerant and must go gluten free.  I've watched her struggle and done my best to encourage her while being glad that I didn't have to deal with that also.  

As with most people, food & I have a long and complex relationship.  In high school, I can safely say that I was anorexic.  I would go to the nurses office at least once a day to weigh myself and if I was over a certain weight(obviously it wasn't a healthy number), I wouldn't eat that day.  I had a couple of friends that realized what was going on and would make sure I ate something.  Once I became pregnant with my first child, that all changed.  To this day, I avoid scales like the plague.  

All that being said, recently I stumbled upon these ready to eat meals at the convenience store next to my job.  Usually the store is overpriced.  I was drawn to the cute little package and asked how much it was.  $2.50!  Jackpot! 

After nibbling on a few crackers with cheese & sausage, I see on the box that it is totally gluten free!  Today I tried the sunbutter....It's delicious!   I did notice that the caloric intake is a little high(yes I asked someone because no I don't count calories) but I'm thinking that I could replace a couple meals or snacks with things like this easily.  It's tasty & good for me. 

So, maybe, I can go partial gluten free and see if it helps : ) 

For more information on the gopicnic items, click the link below the picture.  I highly recommend them! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Needed to Share This

This was shared with me through my online support group.  I was literally in tears after reading it because I finally have found a way to share how I feel every day.  Even though I did not write this and it is regarding a different disease....it applies 100% to me also.

Please take the time to read and understand a little better :   The Spoon Theory

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My New Shoe

It's interesting how a simple thing like buying shoes has changed unexpectedly. I try ( not usually successfully) not to compare my before to my after but so far I haven't perfected that skill. I didn't even think about it till the doctor said no more heels. Anyone who knows me well, knows how devastating that news was. The only shoes I own that are not heels are sneakers....and I rarely wear them. All that being stated,I've adjusted somewhat to the idea and am trying to get a little excited to go shoe shopping.

Oh damn, I forgot, I'm broke!   Well, I realize that the more I walk in these heels the more likely that I will fall flat on my face...Sooooo   Pull something out of your budget so you can follow your doctors orders.  $40...I can eat a little less....so $40 it is.  

Alissa needs new shoes so this is perfect timing.  Poor things shoes have gotten so tight that her big toe is bruising...Time for new sneaks.

Off we go to Marshalls, ok  I'm working on my guilt issues while trying to hide my excitement at getting to actually buy myself something.   Yes more issues....I'm loaded with them lately.  While Alissa is looking at sneakers, I go looking at boots.  I find a few that may work...Whoa...Not with that price tag.  I find a couple of beautiful Franco Sarto's ...damn I have expensive taste.  Alissa finds her sneakers really quick...begs me to hurry up...  I find 2 pair that may work(both within budget)....I try them both on....OH CRAP I FORGOT!

I can't feel my lower legs or my feet.  By the pressure on my one foot, I think it's too tight.  Ok...let's go bigger.  Alissa...Ya ...I'll switch it out for you...it'll be faster(with that little imp look in her eye).  As I think, yes Alissa, I know your faster than me...LOL.  So what do I do...the only thing I can think of doing... Alissa, can you please feel the front of my shoe and tell me if there is enough room for my toe or too much?  Yeah  I'm that Mom...and bless her heart she did it : )

I got my first pair of flats(of course boots count)   The shadow makes them look a little brown but they are definitely black.  I like them.  and I like that my daughter stepped up and helped her mother deal with adjusting to it all : ) Thank you Alissa!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Awesome Online Support

This online support group does more than just offer a group of people to lean on and support. They also offer up to date research and information to help u manage and deal with your fibromyalgia! I strongly recommend joining this group. Fibromyalgiaconnect.com

I've Gone Mobile!

I am so very excited to have gone mobile! Realistically, this means many more posts from me....I know, hold your excitement at bay...I can now add photos to my blog...one of my favorite past times..but I have a feeling that my layout may suffer. We shall have to see.

I recognize that this post is lacking in a lot of information so here....look at the pretty picture I took:

T-Shirt...What T-Shirt

I have joined a support group for fibromyalgia since I've been here last. I took some more of the wonderful advice that I found on this site and joined the YMCA for a free month yesterday(if you have Horizon healthcare your first month is free(I think you get a free month also for just taking a tour but they get paid by horizon if you have the insurance…I digress…as usual)) Last night, I highlighted all of the classes that I feel are simple enough that I may be able to at least attempt. My main focus though was a Tai Chi class that starts at 9 am on Wednesdays(it's my day off and I read that wonderful article about Tai Chi helping Fibro patients). Obviously, my plan this morning was to go to that class.

Now seeing as it's 9:30 and I'm sitting here in my pajamas still…well I wont state the obvious.
I woke at 8:45…my alarm going off but more importantly my pain screaming that I missed my medication time. Ok…the Tai Chi is out for the day(I am realistic when reality is screaming in my face). Let's look at the schedule(after I take my meds of course). Oh look…Chair Yoga at 11 am or water aerobics at 6 pm. Let's see how the day goes…Ok…I think you guys know me a little by now…Let's aim for the 11 am. I go to get the laundry that isn't folded out of my son's room in the laundry basket…Wait..his bed isn't made properly from 2 days ago(My boyfriend isn't only type A …he's more like OCD when it comes to cleaning…so yea can't leave it cuz he's gonna freak soon). Let's make the bed with the sheets that are sitting on the end of the bed. Oh here come the kitties that love to get made into the bed…and don't forget the puppy who can't be away from me…Ouch quit it ouch quit it…Whew bed is made…Where was I? Oh yea the basket…

Move the basket to the living room so I can sit down and fold the laundry…why..Oh yea I didn't tell you(there is a point here)…I need to have something to wear to work out in…a large t-shirt. Oh sugar bunnies…this basket has folded towels in it…better put them away. Ok..so towels put away…wow that's alot of laundry that isn't done in this basket in this closet…wait…focus…tshirt…Ok downstairs

So my daughter has once again piled the clean laundry on the table down here for the millionith time even though I've asked her a billion times to put it in the basket…I digress. Put laundry in basket while looking for tshirt. Whew…ouch quit it ouch quit it Damn I'm sweating. Nope…no tshirt…Where the heck can it be…
Dirty laundry in a small pile …nope not there…should throw that in the washing machine(more clothes for the clean basket to be folded and move the clean to the dryer). Still ouching…still quit it…still sweating…an idea is forming though…

Back up the stairs to those clothes in the basket in the closet…go through all of them…ohhhh that's where the tshirt is…back downstairs …put clothes into washer…carry laundry basket full of clean clothes back up the stairs…Oh My God…

It just occurred to me…I'm sweating…I'm sore…I still have a bunch of laundry to fold…I need a break now…and that t-shirt…it's not big enough to cover my leggings to wear to work out…Work out…damn I just did …I need a nap…maybe I will go to the 6 pm water aerobics and bring my daughter & son for moral support.