Saturday, September 22, 2012

A New Outlook...Maybe

I was very skeptical when I saw on my support group that a gluten free diet can help my disease.  Well skeptical may not be the right word....because I don't doubt that it has helped people, I just doubt that I can do it.  I have a friend who has recently discovered that she is gluten intolerant and must go gluten free.  I've watched her struggle and done my best to encourage her while being glad that I didn't have to deal with that also.  

As with most people, food & I have a long and complex relationship.  In high school, I can safely say that I was anorexic.  I would go to the nurses office at least once a day to weigh myself and if I was over a certain weight(obviously it wasn't a healthy number), I wouldn't eat that day.  I had a couple of friends that realized what was going on and would make sure I ate something.  Once I became pregnant with my first child, that all changed.  To this day, I avoid scales like the plague.  

All that being said, recently I stumbled upon these ready to eat meals at the convenience store next to my job.  Usually the store is overpriced.  I was drawn to the cute little package and asked how much it was.  $2.50!  Jackpot! 

After nibbling on a few crackers with cheese & sausage, I see on the box that it is totally gluten free!  Today I tried the sunbutter....It's delicious!   I did notice that the caloric intake is a little high(yes I asked someone because no I don't count calories) but I'm thinking that I could replace a couple meals or snacks with things like this easily.  It's tasty & good for me. 

So, maybe, I can go partial gluten free and see if it helps : ) 

For more information on the gopicnic items, click the link below the picture.  I highly recommend them!

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