Thursday, September 20, 2012

My New Shoe

It's interesting how a simple thing like buying shoes has changed unexpectedly. I try ( not usually successfully) not to compare my before to my after but so far I haven't perfected that skill. I didn't even think about it till the doctor said no more heels. Anyone who knows me well, knows how devastating that news was. The only shoes I own that are not heels are sneakers....and I rarely wear them. All that being stated,I've adjusted somewhat to the idea and am trying to get a little excited to go shoe shopping.

Oh damn, I forgot, I'm broke!   Well, I realize that the more I walk in these heels the more likely that I will fall flat on my face...Sooooo   Pull something out of your budget so you can follow your doctors orders.  $40...I can eat a little $40 it is.  

Alissa needs new shoes so this is perfect timing.  Poor things shoes have gotten so tight that her big toe is bruising...Time for new sneaks.

Off we go to Marshalls, ok  I'm working on my guilt issues while trying to hide my excitement at getting to actually buy myself something.   Yes more issues....I'm loaded with them lately.  While Alissa is looking at sneakers, I go looking at boots.  I find a few that may work...Whoa...Not with that price tag.  I find a couple of beautiful Franco Sarto's ...damn I have expensive taste.  Alissa finds her sneakers really quick...begs me to hurry up...  I find 2 pair that may work(both within budget)....I try them both on....OH CRAP I FORGOT!

I can't feel my lower legs or my feet.  By the pressure on my one foot, I think it's too tight.  Ok...let's go bigger.  Alissa...Ya ...I'll switch it out for'll be faster(with that little imp look in her eye).  As I think, yes Alissa, I know your faster than me...LOL.  So what do I do...the only thing I can think of doing... Alissa, can you please feel the front of my shoe and tell me if there is enough room for my toe or too much?  Yeah  I'm that Mom...and bless her heart she did it : )

I got my first pair of flats(of course boots count)   The shadow makes them look a little brown but they are definitely black.  I like them.  and I like that my daughter stepped up and helped her mother deal with adjusting to it all : ) Thank you Alissa!


  1. That's a nice looking boot and the price was great. Alissa seems like such a love and you're a lucky lil'peach to have her.
    Really babe heels are nothing in the grand scheme of things-just keep on keepin on.
    ~lots of love~

  2. She's a good girl! I truly am very proud of her. Flats are the new heels : ) And there gonna go great with that $20 dress (I convinced myself not to feel guilty when I bought it)I picked up ; )