Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Cozy" #Project365

I found this photograph of my orange tabby, Thomas, to be comforting and cozy after this long day.   I hope you enjoy it!   

I am posting this a little later than usual because I have spent 10 hours dealing with problems with my computer.   I haven't been this frustrated with customer service in a long time.   I started having problems with my computer shocking me, charging intermittently, noisy constant fan running and overheating for about a month now.   I have been trying to reach the company that I purchased it from to access the warranty it is under since then until long story short they referred me to the manufacturer today.   Now after waiting all day for a supervisor to call me bak, I was informed that they will call me Monday!  Ugh!    Before I call the companies out any further, I want to see how this is resolved though I promise that , good, bad or ugly, I will share!  :)

So as you can see, I earned this moment of comfort that I am sharing here.   I hope you enjoy "Cozy" 

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