Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Discovery

Xrays of the neck, the upper spine, the middle spine, the lower spine,
MRI's of the neck, the upper spine, the middle spine, the lower spine, the brain,
physical therapy including chiropractor, TENS unit & massage therapy,
nerve conduction test(yeah this benign test hurts like hell),
spinal specialists, neurologists, rheumatologist. ENT, pain management,
fighting through the pain at work,
being told straight out that it's all in my head,
pulling over to the side of the road crying because it just hurts too much to go one inch further.
fighting through the pain to keep working,
hands spasm,
peripheral neuropathy,
widespread pain throughout mostly my right side,
difficulty with balance,
difficulty standing,
legs hurting,
lower back hurting,
can't communicate properly(can think of what to say but the words won't come out properly),
giving wrong directions (saying left but meaning right and not even realizing it)
can't function well enough to work any longer,
home resting,
can think a little clearer but still have issues communicating at least once a day,
blessed that I have my honey to help me day to day
wish that he would not be so afraid to commit
Missing my old life of friends, karaoke, beverages,
load of dishes, a little laundry, time to nap, exhausted,
taking one step at a time,
adjusting to no longer having a choice as to whether I can work or not,
ex-husband still not paying what court ordered,
son tested for diabetes
dog has tumor on right shoulder
biopsy done on dog
doc's office tells son that he "most likely" has diabetes,
More blood work done
biopsy inconclusive, repeat biopsy,
son doesn't have diabetes! Yipeeeee!
Dog's tumor is nothing but a fatty tumor! Yipeeeeee!
honey's car needs work,
dog gets groomed (thank God she doesn't stink any more)
Drop off dog at home
heading to pick honey up,
sitting at a light waiting for the car 2 cars in front of me to make a left and............................

WHAM! The blonde bytch hits me from behind

Neck hurting more than usual
Ambulance takes me to hospital
Headache....bad...Like tears rolling down face involuntarily bad
too much ice tea....damn I have to pee
No dignity for the broken.....bedpan
Honey arrives right at that moment of course
Doc comes in and says...neck xray needed
waiting for xray.,,,,,,,
Wish I had known that that girl was going to hit me....I wouldn't have had that much ice tea
Bedpan time again
Nice young man takes me for x-ray
back to er cubby  #6 to wait for results
doc arrives and removes the neck brace since x-ray all clear
head still hurting pain level 8
Order CT scan
We wait.
Honey finds "Godfather 2"
time for my meds
watches the whole show
we wait
very nice man takes me for a ct scan
he made me feel as comfortable as you possibly can in a hospital
back to er room #6
pain level is down to about level 6
oh let's get Chinese
honey is getting cranky cuz hungry
go get some chips
wow, it's getting late...I'm sure the results will be ok since the headache has subsided some
go to the there are people out in the halls....
doc comes in...immediately apologizes and then goes on .......................................

and tells me that the CT scan found something unrelated to the's a colloid cyst and it is found in the area of the brain that produces cerebral spinal fluid.  It's usually benign .  I quickly tell the doctor that my brother had a brain tumor that was benign and he had to have surgery.  The doctor quickly tells me that this is a cyst not a tumor.  It's just good to follow up with your primary doctor because he will probably just want to watch it.  No worries.  So that being said, I'm going to get you a brace that I want you to wear unless it causes more pain.  The idea is to let the chin rest on the brace to rest the neck.  But if it hurts, don't wear it.  I'm going to get the brace, I'll be right can get dressed.

And he's gone.........

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 to be posted asap once more info known & as soon as I can let as many people as realistically I can reach.

PS   If I did not reach out to you, please understand that I can't get to everyone I would like to...It's just too much....but it doesn't mean that I don't wish that I had reached you.

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