Thursday, September 5, 2013


I told the children 2 days ago.

They had been guessing what the family meeting was about for days but none of them had guessed brain tumor.

Truth of the matter is this:  I can see myself in my children so very much.  I sat them down. Immediately offered them milk shakes, which their response was to promptly asked me what's going on because it was obvious by then that it was bad news.

It amazes me that after I explained ,that it was a brain tumor and all that went along with that, my oldest son's response was to state" so what you're telling me is that there is a chance that the tumor has been causing your problems and if they take it out you would get better".  How many people can say that when faced with adversity their children find the positive within the situation? So at this point it appears as though everybody's ok. My son who is clinically depressed, is thinking positive!

I told my daughter is that I need to make a list. This list is to contain all the things that I want to do when I'm back to my self. Hiking, walking, swimming, traveling, I'd need to find a new career..... To which my daughter promptly said " don't get carried away. We can't get our hopes that just to be disappointed if it doesn't work". My daughter who suffers from anxiety, is being realistic!

A couple things have been different the last two days. My youngest son has called me a couple times. He asked to go to dinner. He asked to come on a trip with his sister. It seems as though my youngest son, who seems to avoid certain issues, wants to spend some extra time.

I am very proud of my children, words really don't express it. I try to stay positive. Through all of the difficult times that myself and my children have gone through, I refused to give up, to let things drag me or my children down. Which brings me to today, my children learned well!

August 30, 2013

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