Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Since I last wrote, a few things have happened.

I've told basically everyone at this point.

It's hard to capture the feeling of panic that had set in while I was looking for doctors.  I spoke with my main doctor who referred me to a practice that works with the hospital that I was told is the best.  I scheduled an appointment.  The receptionist, who was extremely helpful, told me that I would need to get special permission from my insurance company in order to see them as they are out of network.  I contacted my insurance company....I have no out of network benefits. let's find a doctor that works out of that hospital with the awesome reputation that takes my insurance.....Crap!  There are none....not a one out of the best hospital.

I call my neurologist office, Dr. Monck, and speak with an extremely helpful young lady there.  She refers me to a couple of doctors. I explain to her the best way that I possibly can.....My insurance isn't allowing me to go to the best doctor around.  This isn't like removing a mole.....we are talking about BRAIN SURGERY here!  (I was nice...but I definitely was in a panic when I spoke with her.) She quickly let me know that one of her good friends from high school had gone to see one of the doctors that she was referring me too and she is doing great.   She has a lot of patients that have gone to him and are all doing well.  In other words, she calmed the crazy lady down.

From that point, I did some research....what type of reviews are out there with this doctor(because only one of the 2 doctors were in network)?  Basically....the first doctor had received a 5 star rating out of 5 on healthgrades while the second doctor received 4 and a half.   Ok...that's not too bad.  So I call the office.

Keep in mind that I also have a background in medical & dental insurance and front offices.  I'm trying really hard to stay realistic and positive.  The fact is that at this point, I have hope.  Prior to this diagnosis, I had none.  I was doing the best I could to stay positive and deal with it but I didn't really expect that things were going to get better....what I expected is that I will get used to it.   Now, I have some hope.  It is possible that the fibromyalgia is my body's way of screaming at me that I have a brain tumor.  It's also possible that if they remove it, my fibro just may go away.  ....It also may not and I do acknowledge and respect that ....but there is hope.

So when I called to schedule the appointment with the neurosurgeon and the receptionist(I'm sure she is so much more but obviously I don't have her title.....just have to give a shout out because I've been there) tried to dissuade me from scheduling till after I see Dr. Monck.  I explained to her that we were looking for a possible tumor about a year and a half ago when my symptoms first emerged.  We didn't find it then but we did find it now and my symptoms have progressed.  I would rather schedule for a consultation even if it's just to meet with the doctor and get his opinion than wait and have to wait longer later.

The truth is that even if they decide to watch it.....there is always a chance that things will progress and they may have to quickly move to remove it.  I'd rather have a doctor who has seen me, spoken to me, knows who I am and I have chosen than wait for an emergency and end up with any Tom, Dick or Harry.

So she scheduled me for a few weeks from now. I go to see Dr. Monck tomorrow.

That's where I am at this point with regards to my tumor.  My friend who has known me the longest in my life and who truly is the best in the whole wide world asked me this morning if I have named my tumor yet.....I haven't ...but now I feel compelled to get to know it a little better to give it a good name.  Hopefully, my doctors can help me know more about it ;)  

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