Monday, May 13, 2013


I do my best to fight frustration with humor but sometimes I can't find the humor.  Right this moment, I'm not laughing!   I didn't do much, as usual lately but I did have a couple things on my must do list. 

1. Deliver an Avon order (accomplished) 

2. Put together several baskets for a tricky tray for my daughter. 

Well I got this great idea to add 2 additional "baskets".  Basically, 2 gift certificates to raffle off.   Only thing is I need to find a template an personalize it for the certificates.   I downloaded some clip art and narrowed down the templates to 2.   

And that's where I am now....typing this on my phone since I can't move at all from the couch in a prone position.   The certificates aren't going to be done today.   The worst part isn't my own frustration but my daughter's.  She can be very patient but she is a teenage girl....and does get frustrated. So I guess since there is nothing I can do but lie here.....I will just go to sleep...because regardless of the frustration, when you CAN'T can't move.     

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