Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ok So I lied.....

Happy Hump Day Everyone!   Ok.  So I lied, I'm going to talk about grocery savings now instead of what I said I would.  I'll get there eventually!  Lol

As a lot of you know I have recently started using different apps to get money back when I go grocery shopping. One of those app is called Ibotta. What it does is when you go grocery shopping  you check the app to see what items that you have purchased on the list. You can either do it while you're shopping, before or after. If there is an item that you're purchasing, for example milk (there is usually a rebate for bananas or apples or milk generic any doesn't matter), you click on it and you watch a short little video 30 seconds or so or answer a question, and then you scan the item(or if it's something like bananas you skip this step) and take a picture of your receipt with the app ,uploading it, and they give you money back. Think of it like extra coupons. I currently have over $20 in my account that I can get deposit it into my PayPal account or put into a gift card basically of my choice. If this sounds interesting to you, click the link and check it out. I do believe for this app, you have to have a smart phone.

Another way to save money with Ibotta is by having your friends join and link their accounts through Facebook account. They don't even need to click a link. If your friends link their accounts to Facebook and you are friends on Facebook, they automatically become a part of the team. So when your friends use the app and you use the app you get bonus dollars for reaching certain milestones. For example, the first bonus in April is as follows:   1. You redeem 10 separate rebates 2 your team redeems $15 in rebates(collectively not individual) You receive an additional $1.   
At that point, another milestone will become available.  

Most of the apps that I use you can also get money back from different types of stores, like clothing or online retailers. 

Some months I get more back then others but truth be told, I do my shopping as I normally would and if there is a rebate great, if not, I don't sweat it.  

Ibotta is one of the first ones that I started using but then I had discovered the KrazyCouponLady website.   At that point had never thought of using more than one app but it makes sense. Some of them you just scan your receipt and no matter what it is, you get money back. Others are just like Ibotta.  Now before I go shopping I check out my apps to see what it is that I need that's in the app. I also go to and print out coupons for items that I need. My last shopping order I saved over $40 between the apps, the coupons & the digital coupons directly from the store! My body wash alone I saved $4.50 on by stacking all of these together. Three dollars came off at the register because there was a digital coupon, I had a physical coupon and there was also an additional digital coupon that I upload it onto my price plus card from one of my apps. 

I don't have a car at this moment so I only go to the one store because they deliver. I know my cousin takes advantage of coupons , stacking coupons and going to specific stores. She actually sometimes comes back with cashback on items. The Krazycouponlady website and newsletter will actually alert you as to what items you can do this with,where to get the coupons and what store is it works in. I can't take it that far at this point but I definitely get a lot of money back just by taking a couple of minutes before and after shopping and getting rebates.  . At this time I use: Ibotta,  Shopmium, Mobisave, Checkout 51, Receipt Hog ,Yaarlo & last but certainly not least, Ebates(another fantastic one!) 

Something to think about and consider; You are already buying food(we all do, nothing to be ashamed of) why not get some of that money back? 

Most of these have apps for both Android & IPhone.  Ebates can be used directly from your computer also!  They even have an extension to remind you when it's available to use :) 

Ibotta :

Shopmium (You get a free Lindt Chocolate bar by using my code): 
my referral code during sign up: KMGEUKKE 



Receipt Hog:

Yaarlo: Earn more if you join with my code: CATHERIN332


Good luck & happy shopping! 

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