Thursday, April 14, 2016

Imagine if this was you......

Imagine if you will for a moment, for one reason or another you need to use a sperm donor in order to start your family….You sign the contracts & do everything right. You and your wife are blessed with an amazing, beautiful , intelligent, sweet baby girl…..You & your wife make amazing parents! Your daughter is amazingly happy beyond your wildest imaginations when this whole process started…….She takes after both you and your wife. She loves music, she loves to dance, she loves to sing , she loves you and she loves your wife!….Some time passes & now she’s three & going to preschool & having play dates with her friends. She Knows she can do anything she sets her mind to because her parents taught her that! 
Out of the blue, you get a phone call. Who could it possibly be and what could they want???Well, it’s your sperm donor! Apparently, he had an arrangement with another couple that he was a part of that baby’s life…..And now, three years later, he has decided that he wants to be the father to your daughter. The answer is no, no ty but have a nice day! 
But OMG, that is not the end of it! The sperm donor is now taking you to court to fight for parental rights & visitation with YOUR daughter! 
The New York family court could not possibly grant him this, RIGHT????Well, As of the time of this writing, you would be wrong!!!! The judge even goes so far as to order that you are removed off of the birth certificate to make room for the sperm donor being added!!
How could this be?? There are contracts in place! He is a DONOR with a capital D! 
This is the true story of what is happening right now to two wonderful amazing parents right here in Orange County, NY! 
Please share this message, donate if you can, get the word out! They need our help! No one should ever have to go through this!
#spermdonornightmare #saveourfamily

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