Monday, December 16, 2013

Life will be what I make of it

Just a quick note:  Always hit save before closing an app!  

As you may have noticed, I have been struggling lately to find myself.    I feel as though my disease has taken everything away that constitutes me.   I have been independent to some extent for as long as I can remember . 

I was telling a friend of mine about Head Start yesterday.   For those of you who are unfamiliar, Head Start is a preschool for the financially challenged.  The goal is to instill in very young children that they can take care of themselves (like set up a luncheon for their parents, serve the juice and cookies and clean up after themselves).   If the program still works in the same manner as it did all those years a galaxy far away....then it is extremely successful.   I have done everything in my power to be independent my entire life.   

Well all that has changed.   I must depend on others to take care of me and mine since I am unable to do so myself.   This has set me into a complete identity crisis.  

Truthfully, I have found myself in tears several times a day for the last few weeks. The good news is that I recognize the problem and have been looking for a solution.  

Bare with me now....I have to take u the round about way there...... 
My car broke down recently.   In the course of waiting for it to be repaired, the battery in my phone started to die; This resulted in me borrowing power from the local AT&T.   While waiting for my phone to charge, I futzed around with an IPAD.   I found an app that looked interesting on it.   So later, I looked for the app and found one called Newsify.   Well, this app lead me to an interesting article called Project 365.

It can be any number of things but in this case they were discussing photography.  It's a commitment to yourself and in some cases, to the public that you will take a picture once a day for a year.   

I have decided that this is the first step for me in the right direction to help me find my worth again. 

So dear friends, family and random reader, I commit to my Project 365 beginning January 1, 2014 (the year my baby graduates high school).   Not only will I take 1 photo per day but I will share 1 photo per day.   I may write a small note about the picture, a large post or a poem along with it......but no matter how good or bad, I will share 1 photo a day.  

I hope you are excited as I am.   Here is a little preview to wet your whistle:   

                    Weekend Storm


  1. Oh that picture makes me cold!
    I look forward to seeing what you see each day.
    ~big squishie hug~

    1. It's a bit chilly...but also very beautiful! Much love & (((((((gentle big squishie hugs)))))))))))