Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wandering Around The World Of Podcasts :)

My life has been opened to the world of Podcasts thanks to Katie!   She started me on one and now I have become addicted to finding new enjoyable ones!  I love the literature/performing arts podcasts.  I listen to them on my way to work. I've found some really interesting ones. 

Stuff You Should Know: howstuffworks.com:
  Loads of information about lots of different subjects shared by a  couple of entertaining guys 

The Truth:  
Described as Short Films without Pictures    Extremely entertaining.  I've felt like I was watching a movie     in my mind while commuting to work. 

Selected Shorts: 
Story Time for adults from Public Radio International.  Short stories performed live with stars of stage &  screen.  Some of these short stories are from recent times while others are classics(like The Monkey  Paw)  I think John Kelly may like this one in particular.  They have a yearly contest to have your original   fictional short story chosen, read & recorded. :) 

Snap Judgement: 
I origiinally thought this one was another fictional short story podcast.  While listening, I discovered that     these are actually non-fiction stories shared by people and recorded.  Extremely interesting to hear about     people's lives and some of their interesting occurences.  :) 

I will update this list as I explore further into the world of podcasts!   Please share any and all that have caught your eye too!  I'd love to hear about them. 

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